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February 2002


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Happy VALentine's Day!

Hello, I'm back with happy thoughts for you on Valentine's Day.

These last couple of months weren't too bad for me, considering the pnuemonia I dealt with in November (2001).
I did learn I have Dentinogenesis Imperfecta (DI) - confirmed by my dentist in December (2001). At first my Mom and nurses just noticed that my teeth which were budding were a little grayish/bluish. Now, at 22 months of age more teeth have erupted and more on the way. The gray-blue color has turned to a light brownish yellow (you got that:).

Dr. Blumenthal (my dentist) did tell my Mom though she could continue to give me loilipops(sp?) and whatever else. One of my favorites is the twizzler. Mom says, "Twizzler Hannah?" and I say "I do" - you see, that's my "yes" or I nod or sometimes I say "yes". Depends.

Now January (2002) was a little rough towards the end. It was Jan. 24th to be exact. I don't think I screamed so loud yet. When I was either changed or picked up, something hurt really bad in my left leg.

My Mom and nurse Denise immediately took me to the ER. To be brief, x-rays were taken with no fractures seened. I was given tylenol a few times and that did help but only some. Since it was late evening, the ER ortho told me to come back in the morning and see your regular orthopedic. We did just that. Dr. Herzenberg (my great ortho) said it was either one of two things, an unseen fracture (he didn't see one either) or a "septic hip". I'm laying there thinking Mom didn't teach me that word.

I'd learn later that "septic hip" meant an infected hip. This is not exclusive to OI kids - any kid can get that (relief I thought). None-the-less my great ortho doc wanted to be sure about the "septic hip" so we got scheduled to be admitted and my first surgery (well, mini-surgery) was underway. You should of seen my Mom's face. She didn't see this one coming.

The surgery was to take and hour and a half (rough estimate). Well, I didn't see my Mom again until almost four hours later. The doctors told my Mom that they couldn't get the IV started and during that time I went into "broncholial <sp?> spasms", like an asthma attack. Dr. Shay, this hospital's best anesthesiologist, told my Mom she had to give me an IM. What in God's good green earth is an IM? Mom asked and was told an intramuscular shot. They needed to get me controlled. Mom looked ghostlike.

In sum, I got stuck about 6 times for the IV, once with this IM thing and then 5 times later for heel sticks - all in 1 day. Oh, before I forget, the fluid pulled back from my groin area during surgery was clear. Yeah!!!!!!!! - no "septic hip". Dr. Herzenberg told my Mom this was good, however, he was going to put on a spica cast to immobilize that area for a few weeks. There was definitely something not right there. Mom saw and felt that something was needed and immediately agreed, her only comment was if the cast could be pink. Mom loves pink. Me, I'm partial to Winnie the Pooh.

When I eventually left the operating table, I was laying in a bed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with a big tube down my throat. Every time I would come to, they'd shoot more Verced (sp?) through my IV. You see, I was under general anesthia for the mini-surgery. It wasn't a fun time at all. My carbondioxide levels were too high and I was not yet strong enough to be taken off the tube. I heard all the commotion and decided to bring life back to my Mom. My levels became stable that night around 11 p.m. The tube came out then and on the following day so did my oxygen. My saturations maintained above 95. We were discharged that very day. Only 1 night in the PICU - nothing but the hands of Jesus as my Mom always says. I agree.

It has been a little over two weeks now and my cast was checked, cut down for comfort and cleaned. It comes off this Monday (Feb. 18th). Glory to God!

I am now back to my scooting, smiling and wanting to touch everything self. Mom's teaching me more signs too. We're working currently on the sign for the Lord, almost got that one. I'll keep working on it.

Gotta run, well you know, scoot.......... Happy Valentine's again. Be good, God's watching.

heart for love

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