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*Hannah's World*

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October 2002're funny!

Hey it's been a while....................
Mom's been kind of busy.  Well, what can I say, at the moment I am fracture free, thank God and enjoying my new sense of control.  I can almost sit up unassisted on an almost flat pillow.  I can use my Mom's cell phone and spend hours just talking to my friends and cousins.  I can count, not always in sequential order, but Mom keeps smiling at me every time I do it.  I especially love saying 'seven'.  Wouldn't you now, 7 is God's day of completion.  Just correlated the two.  Impressed? my vocabulary is increasing more and more each day.
I need to come back and spend more time here, but in brief, I have a port-a-cath now.  I've sustained several left leg femur fractures, one left tibia fx and a left humerus fx since we last saw one another.  See a familiar word with those fxs?  Hmmmmmm! On a brighter note, I can just about eat anything that tempts me when put within my reach (ie. cookies, cheese, ice cream, Mom's plate - hee, hee, ha, ha). 
My last couple of pamidronate treatments went pretty smooth.  Got stuck twice though with the last.  The nurse used the wrong size needle.  I told Mom, she better write the correct size down for next time. Shucks, I didn't get this port-a-cath for nothing.  Gotta go...............Mom's coming.