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*Hannah's World*

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Hannah's Baby Pictures

Here are a few of the many pictures Mom takes of me. I tell you, those mothers never stop with the camera (smile).

Will she ever put the camera down?

I sometimes use a little bit of oxygen.
This is one of those moments (ten months old).

Hey you!

Here I am enjoying my first Christmas (8 months old). As you can see oxygen or not, I'm going to have fun. Praise God.

pooh bear

Hannah and her dog pillow.

I just stepped out the shower here at 3 months of age.

Hannah's First Birthday

Queen Hannah at 1 year old.

Hannah and Tweety

Now who's bigger - Tweety or me? I am eight months old here.


Sin, CoSin, Tangent - got that?

Hannah showing Grandad the basics of Calculus. *smile*

GOD remains FAITHful and TRUE to HIS children.