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*Hannah's World*

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November 2001

Can someone get me out of here?

Hello Everyone, it's nice to see you back again.

Look at those cute little legs...

November 2001

Oh boy did I miss you. As promised, we have come back to share a little bit more about my world.

I've kept my Mom busy these last few months and in fact, even scared her out her shoes this November (2001). Let me go back a bit. In September I re-fractured my right humerus (the upper bone). There was no trauma to this area. I was in my mother's arms one late evening, just as cozy as can be, listening to her talk to Mr. Gary, and all of a sudden I yelped out. My Mom and Mr. Gary immediately thought the worse and put me down to start to look for sore spots. I don't know what happened, all I remember was the crying. This was highly unusal for me, because I almost never cry. Finally, they found the sore area and took me in the next morning for x-rays. Without a doubt, we all knew that it had fractured. The slightest touch set me off. Due to this being a RE-fracture, the healing time takes a lot longer. Almost three months later and it's still not functioning like before. You can also see a greater degree of deformity than before. Nonetheless, I'm still a happy camper. It functions enough for me:).

Now, here it is November and I am hit yet again with some sort of bacteria infection. Last November (Thanksgiving week), I got broncholitus and fractured four ribs from heavy coughs. I stayed in the hospital for a week back then and now I'm in the hospital again.....and guess what, it's Thanksgiving week again. What is it about Turkey day? They took chest x-rays and saw that my left lung was infiltrated. Pneumonia. Oh Boy!, I thought, but it's Thanksgiving. My Mom went frantic a little. She bit all her nails off. Thank goodness we only stayed in the hospital this time three days. I was able to feast with my family on Thanksgiving. I ate cranberry sauce, stuffing, collard greens.....and of course, TURKEY!!!

The pneuomnia I had was not full scale. They said we caught it early. Praise God! However, it did recur a couple days after stopping my antibiotic. I was on Augmentin with the first round and then put on Biaxin for the second round. My pulmonologist and pediatrician discussed putting me on a daily antibiotic called Bactrim when my course of Biaxin runs out. Pray with me that this Bactrim wards off any further infections.

Just prior to these pneumonia spells I had my fifth pamidronate treatment. To be brief, the IV got started with the second stick. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!....I thought, but then on the following day it came out. YIKES!!!!!!....three more sticks. Because I am stronger, I fought hard, but there were just too many medical people. After the restart, it didn't come out again. Thank God. I was discharged on a Friday then ended up back in the hospital Sunday evening and diagnosed with pnuemonia (as previously mentioned above). Back-to-Back hospital stays.

I also went to the dentist and confirmed that I have dentinogenesis imperfecta (DI) as my Mom and nurses suspected. I have four teeth and a couple others budding. The tips of the four you can see are somewhat yellowish and the bottoms are a little grayish. The good news, my dentist says my Mom can continue to give me lolliopops. According to my dentist, at this time there is nothing they can do. We have to wait until my molars come out and maybe capping may come in to play or something else.

On a lighter note, I am sitting unassisted now, I learned two new sign languages and I'm attempting to say words more clearer. Oh, and I finally got my play ring. This is my very own protected play area. It is cushioned all around and allows me to both sit up and lay. I love it. I feel like a big queen in there. I am also drawing/coloring. Mom says maybe next year some time we can begin to take swimming classes. That should be fun.

I am nineteen months and a whopping 13 pounds, 10 ounces now. I finally doubled my weight since birth.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to December 25th. All those pretty colorful boxes to play with and tear up........and nobody gets mad.

Well, gotta run. Mom wants to kiss me all over my face AGAIN.

Oh yeah, and about her nails, they're beginning to grow back (smile).

Till next time, be blessed.

Hannah (better known as Hannah-Banana)

I'm Mommie's diamond

My Mommie and me

...each and everyone!